Lorus Watches

If you’re looking for Lorus watches in Hull then please visit Henry Hird Ltd, 270 Hessle Road, Hull HU3 3EA. Contact us today to find out which models we have in stock.

Lorus watches are available in men’s, women’s, sports, digital and chronograph styles.


Lorus watches are one of the brands made and marketed by the world famous Seiko Watch Corporation who also make Pulsar watches, Seiko watches and Seiko and Lorus clocks.

Lorus was first launched in Europe in 1982 to complement the already popular Pulsar and Seiko brands. Lorus was an instant success, offering not only affordable products, but products with high design and technology qualities. Taking advantage of the huge commitments to technology advancement made by the Seiko Watch Corporation, Lorus can now offer Kinetic watches in its product collection, alongside all the standard functions such as solar, digital, duo-display and alarm-chronographs

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